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SEMS SmartTuning is the next evolution in Search Engine CPC tuning. Find below a quick description of our offering:

How It Works?  -  3 easy steps to get started

1-Contact us

During this session, we will review together your goal (conversion/ROI, branding,...), your metrics (sales, signups, pageviews,...), your tracking systems (adwords, analytics, database,...) and your testing budget (as a % of your overall budget).

2-Create reports in your SEM account(s)

Our system will need daily reports from your SEM campaigns. We get your campaign data by running a set of reports daily and downloading the results into our system.

3-Receive our recommendations daily by email

Our first set of data will use the last 30 days of data. Each day, new data for the previous data is added to our algorithm. It is then processed and new, updated recommendations are sent to you via email:
-Maximum CPC changes based on your targeted ROI,
-AdText Recommendations,
-Account Organization Recommendations.

Each recommendation comes with a precise explanation and can be reviewed before you decide (or not) to apply them to your SEM campaigns. All our recommendations are calculated using a top of the line algorithm we developped to manage the $1 Million monthly PPC spend we manage.

Why It Works?

With a Master in Mechanical Engineering -Fluid Dynamic, Vincent Colmar was a scholar at the Massachusett Institute of Technology (MIT).
He studied and developed mathematical algorithms used to estimate errors made by equations for the Shuttle/NASA. We use the same methodology/equations to optimize your Search Engine Campaigns!

SmartTuner has alrealy successfully increase ROI and sales for many SEM campaigns.

How Much It Costs?

Start with our 30 days free trial.
If you, like all our customers, get great results from the recommendations, you can keep receiving the SmartTuning recommendations for $499/month thereafter.